Postural Alignment and Health

Do you know the actual status of your posture?

Have you ever had a three-dimensional postural analysis?

How important is posture to your overall health?



To answer the last question, we can look at the universal relationship between structure and function. Take an everyday object like a chair; what if you had to make a small change to the structure of that chair every hour? A tear in the fabric. A nick in the wooden leg. A small bend in the metal back. How many hours would it take to compromise the function of the chair? At what point could you no longer use it as a chair? The opposite is true as well. What if you started using the chair for something other than a place to sit? You change the function of the chair. Use it as a step-stool, as a ramp, as a jack stand for your car. How long would it last before the structure of the chair was compromised? The relationship between structure and function is apparent in your body as well. Your structure being best visualized by the state of your posture, and your function being understood as your overall state of health and wellbeing.


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