Our Team


Hartman (Sam) Watson, D.C.

Dr. Watson was born in Fort Worth, Texas. He was blessed with the opportunity to spend his youth living in places like Seattle, Washington, and Fairbanks, Alaska. As a young adult Dr. Watson pursued a wide variety of interests and careers. He has worked in fields of automotive maintenance, manufacturing, aviation, and quality assurance. He also holds several certificates from the FAA, to include, Commercial Helicopter Pilot and Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic. Dr. Watson is also a veteran of the U.S. Army; he served 4 years, and spent the last year of his service at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.

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Dr. Watson is a proud husband and father. He is married to his high school sweetheart; they recently celebrated their sixteenth wedding anniversary. His wife is his truest inspiration; her love and support have been a constant presence in his life. His daughter is seven years-old and enjoys art, soccer, karate, and school. She is well-known for bringing instantaneous joy into people's lives.

Dr. Watson's decision to become a Doctor of Chiropractic was driven by two primary forces. One, while he enjoyed working on everything from cars to the F-35 Lightning II, and flying helicopters, he felt like he was missing his greater purpose in life, helping people. Two, driven by his own long-standing, pain-related, health issues he set-out to find an answer as to why nothing seemed to work. He felt like he had to choose between being in frequent and intense pain, or become dependent on opiate-based pharmaceutical drugs. Based on a number of factors, he felt like Chiropractic held the answer. Being exposed to a wide variety of technique systems and phenomenal mentors, Dr. Watson now approaches his patients with the idea of finding what will work for them, and finds that the key to successful treatment is based on the patient's needs. He will work ceaselessly you help you Recover, Restore, and Renew.

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christian Nelson

Hi, my name is Christian and I’d love to tell you a little about myself. I grew up in Elgin, TX, a little town about 20 miles east of Austin, TX. I was raised a red-blooded American, digging fence posts, shooting guns, riding horses, fixing buildings, and doing odd jobs for the neighbors when I wasn’t reading or working for my dad’s acoustical engineering company.

I worked for 11 years to become a doctor – the first adjustment I received changed my life and I decided at 15 that I was going to become a chiropractor. I changed my whole curriculum and focused on understanding the body and what makes it tick. In 2011 I met the love of my life, Mary Katherine and we got married in 2015 after I graduated Texas Tech with honors. After undergrad, we moved to Dallas so I could go to school at Parker University’s flagship chiropractic program. During school we had our son, Logan, who is one of the greatest blessings we could ever dream of, and I dove into understanding whole-body health. Mary Katherine and I are incredibly passionate and work as a team, helping people change their health and lives naturally with chiropractic, essential oils, and supplements.

My interests are systems development, neuroscience, entrepreneurial pursuits, dance, and fashion. Oh, and food. I love good food and there are very few foods I dislike or wouldn’t try.

My favorite quote is from Hippocrates, “The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it.”

If there is one thing I could wish for the whole world it would be greater emotional intelligence . The world is plenty smart, but treating ourselves and others better and being able to harness our emotions instead of living at their mercy would advance everyone’s life in a radical way.

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I am so grateful to God and to my family and entire support system for helping me create the life I am privileged to have. I would love to help you increase the quality of your life and I strongly believe that your life can always improve your life through quality care, quality food, quality thoughts, and quality people, no matter if you are suffering now or already living an amazing life!

My promise to you is that you will be listened to, cared for, and loved as an individual. That’s what I stand for and will not compromise at any cost.